Four years ago, 21 women from the tribal village of Chuliaposi in northern Odisha took a pledge to change their destiny. After decades of marginalisation and social apathy they came forward and took their first strides towards sustainable livelihood and living a life of dignity.

Facilitated by the Mauna Dhwani foundation the women set forth to reviving their weaving heritage and over the last three years have been training on weaving and natural dyeing.

Over the last one year the Mauna Dhwani Foundation partnered with the Synergy Group and the idea of replacing the plastic bags for the seafarers with completely eco-friendly ones was conceptualized. The ethos was to align with Synergy’s strategic priority of being an industry leader wholeheartedly committed to environment and sustainability. Thus began a movement where more than a hundred women weavers from five neighboring villages namely Chuliaposhi, Sunapal, Atanati, Astia and Bhandagan came together to form a co-operative. All of them are being trained on weaving and currently 60 of them are actively engaged in setting up the production units.
This eco-friendly bag that you have received is made from cotton and jute yarn and after being woven it is termed as ‘juco’ weave. The symbols/motifs on the bag have been designed under the guidance and advice of the tribal community. All of these motifs are hand woven on the bag with every single colour made with azo free eco-friendly dyes. The fishes on the bag symbolise the preservation of natural resources. The diamond is a symbol of good luck blessing the seafarers and wishing them a safe voyage. The text on the handle of the bag is ‘Hasa’ meaning ‘Mother Earth’ which is written in the tribal ‘Olchiki’ script. This signifies that this bag will not harm Mother Earth and her grace and pristine glory will be preserved.


 As you set forth to serve the world we stand by with you to help you do it in a manner that will preserve our planet for the generations to come. Wishing all of you a truly blessed and inspirational journey ahead.

With Love and Hope

The Women Weavers of Mayurbhanj along with The Mauna Dhwani Foundation